what the fuck are these whales talking about?!

A story: Tristan is out. I look at the clock, it’s 1 am. I decide he’ll be home soon, but I want to surprise him by acting out a scene from the big lebowski. So I go around quickly lighting a bunch of candles, putting on whale music, smoking a joint and running a bath. All set! I jump in, smoke the joint and wait…for a long time…the music starts to really trip me out. I begin to worry he won’t be back for a long time and I’m tired of sitting in the tub. I get out. blow out the candles… inexplicably leave whale music on. In the other room I decide to draw a comic for tristan detailing what I had planned for when he got home…I draw quickly worrying he’ll get back before I’m finished. The whale music makes me sweat with ignored fear. I feel feverish. I finish….still a bit stoned…it’s 2:30am

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