miss you & miss moss

I woke up remembering a friend who I haven’t spoken  to in years, and I suddenly missed her so much. she’s completely untraceable, even on facebook. We were super close for maybe the last 2 months of my stay in Seattle, and when I left she gave me her email, but we were drunk and she’d written it down wrong, it didn’t work. I just wonder what happened to her. and what happened to me. Every now and then this last year I’ve met people who I feel like I could have had that same type of friendship, you just know you could be great friends. But I’ve changed and I think in part from feeling so isolated when we first moved here I’ve become immobilized and shy. So hi and bye to the girl who shares a fascination with furs that have faces, and the girl with the same shoes and glasses as me.

valentin chenaille via miss.moss

Speaking of bosom buddies though, I love this blog ‘Miss Moss’. She has an endless amount of great links to other great blogs too, ones that I’m surprised I’ve never come across! ❤


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