being mean…

…to myself and everybody else. and it sucks.


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3 responses to “being mean…


    Reparations BIIIIIIITCH!

  2. Hey, i was going through your blog and liked it very much. Some of the pictures you’ve published are …amazing, beautiful and pretty altogheter. Also, I’m listening to Bowie’s Heathen album while flicking through the posts.
    …if you allow me to share what’s in my mind at the moment, …you know, lots of people close to me died in the past few weeks. Well, maybe i should be more accurate, about 3; still i think thats a lot in just one month.
    This conjuction of time and space will never repeat itself, and it’s a gift (reason why we call it ‘present’). You may be familiar with this. People are within this cluster, me and them: us. while I perceive they move and do things, ignore me, burp, take their change, demand your attention, etc. But as soon as they leave the time-space you’re sharing, that’s it, one cannot count both will encounter and share ever-again. Well, maybe I’m being too drammatic, lol. But i think thats why living-up the moment, seizing it. CARPE DIEM. is so important to remember.

  3. also, i love the pic in the middle (above) and the one at the bottom (below)

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