I know this is the most inappropriate picture for this rant

My historical costume studies teacher was speaking about the cultural contexts of costume today. She claimed that the movie 300 portrayed Persians in a negative light as a result of the American war with Iran. What fucking war with Iran? Sure, there are tons of negative portrayals of middle eastern culture in the USA, but that’s because of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The USA isn’t at war with Iran at all, she just said that to make her point more plausible.

When I asked her about it after class she said that “They’re about to start bombing them.” Seriously? It irks me that she can spend hours figuring out what was really going on hundreds of years ago, but can’t spend a fucking second figuring out what’s really happening now.

I didn’t expect to be this angry, but I just don’t like that in all my classes I’m expected to report essays and assignments with accuracy and my teacher didn’t do the same. She won’t even admit that the united states isn’t at war with Iran. They just fucking aren’t.


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