dream log

if you’re not me this probably won’t interest you.

you and I were taking care of mambo, a dog and an owl in a broken down..(wait it became fancy even though we left food to rot all over) old house. Sara arrives with her brothers Ryan Phillipe and the french version of Kevin Costner. She and I are going to go across the water with them somewhere. It’s stormy and the ocean is a mess. I’m not supposed to be clumsy, I should be able to use the nose plugs and equipment correctly, and I shouldn’t be worried about disappearing without telling you. I manage to accurately conjure up your number and I have Sara text you that we’re leaving. She seems annoyed at my forcing her to call you,  I keep dropping things, and I don’t understand what Kevin Costner is talking about when he explains the equipment. So glad to wake up.


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