worn fabrics

These Huipils were made by the Amuzgo from Xochistlahuaca, Estadado de Guerrero. I spent the better part of yesterday morning photographing a very small part of my grandmothers indigenous clothing collection for my thesis project (not due for a long time thank goodness). I call it a collection but she wears and loves most of it (there are a couple very fine pieces that she refrains from wearing). It is extensive though, and she has nice items since she personally knew the woman who were making them, and it wasn’t bought from a third party. I really liked these two, the second one is of better quality, as you can see in the final photo the woven pieces of fabric have been assembled using an intricate hand stitch. These pieces were woven on a waist loom, and the women weaving don’t have patterns to go by, it’s all woven from memory. How impressive. and beautiful.

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  1. Those are fabulous. We should try huck embroidery together if we have time.

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