The past 2 days of travel were really lovely. I got to experience subtle and strange things. Being in Seattle again made me feel so good.  Sadly I wasn’t able to make it to North Bend in Washington where the Twin Peaks series was filmed, but hopefully the town isn’t going anywhere and I can make it the next time. I saw friends I haven’t seen in years, we all change but they’ve stayed so GOOD. so damn good. Shout out to Toby who put me up for the night and fed me and drove me around. Unbelievable to be friends with somebody whose so kind and talented too.

I spent the night in the nearly deserted Seattle airport, I’ve never been in such a large place, designed to accommodate vast numbers of people, alone. Not completely alone, but near enough. It was almost sad when morning came and it filled up with people. I had to spend the afternoon in the  Houston airport where I whiled away five hours  drinking beer, eating hot dogs and talking with the bartender. He was from New Orleans and he reminded me of my friend and bartender Peter. He’d had to leave New Orleans after Catrina, I’d never met a Catrina survivor before. It was a nice way to pass the time, and I’m totally enthralled by Americans. They talk about places like ‘baton rouge’! and virginia! and sound just like the americans on t.v.! It shouldn’t be a novelty to see a stereotype in action, but it is!

Now I’m in Mexico and it smells and feels just like I remember it did. Y gracias a Dios mi Abuelita esta la misma tambien! I only hope I remember how to make my away around this city by bus!


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