I’ve always always been a supporter of recycled fur and leather products. Even when I was vegan I wore used mukluks. I’ve never seen the sense in discarding something so valuable. I don’t believe that fur is murder, but I also don’t support the fur industry by ever buying new fur, mainly because I fear that the animals raised may have lived and died cruelly. But today I feel irked. At value village today  I found a fabulous fur coat in almost perfect condition for only 20$. I snapped it up of course and came home to try and figure out what type of fur it is. It looks like it might be fox fur. I’ve had muskrat and mink fur, but never fox. Something about it really saddens me. Foxes are so delightful and inquisitive. They’re completely adorable okay! I feel like I have a little lump of sadness in my room instead of something beautiful.


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