featured in Tank Magazine

I keep seeing friends on facebook who’ve become blonde, and I’m totally jealous. My hair is already completely fried, but I would love to go around looking like I’m wearing one of those blond bobbed wigs. I’m not kidding. I’ve just got the wrong colouring for it, skin and eye wise. A friend of mine whose a hair colourist actually refused to dye my hair blonde telling me that it would look horrible. She’s right of course, but what’s the fun in that. We’ll see if I can trade off being slightly more unatractive for the adventure of being blonde…then again maybe it’s passe already.

Tank Magazine did their whole last issue on blondes, and they included some awesome pictures by Alex Prager. I’ve been totally nuts about her since. I feel like a little girl when I look at her pictures, in total awe of the cool. I love the almost technicolor look they have too. California washed out, and such mystery. Awesome awesome awesome.

The only reason my mind came back around to Alex Prager is because today I was looking at another photographer’s photos Angela Kohler. She’s totally talented, but with such a different feel. I feel like you can tell it’s work that she’s doing for somebody else, not to knock that because she does a great job, but it’s missing something…what her fashion photos aren’t missing are awesome clothes. I really want some clothes with texture, some knobby sweaters or something.

Angela Kohler


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