Resist Recipe

This recipe is used to take the colour out of fabric, to make patterns on your piece resist with objects, thread, or elastics, or folding and tyeing.

Thiourea Dioxide recipe: Only use this recipe in a well ventilated area.

This recipe is for 100% Cotton, with notes on how to adjust for Wool and Silk.

For 1 lb of fabric use:

10 litres of warm water


2 1/2 tsp thiourea dioxide – stir to dissolve

2 tablespoons soda ash – stir to dissolve (Only use 1 tablespoon of soda ash when stripping Wool and Silk)

add damp fabric, work for one minute. Heat rapidly to a boil 200F, (For  Silk only heat to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and 195 degrees for Wool) with intermittent stirring. The more sitrring the leveler the results. Once the solution begins to smell of ammonia the thiourea dioxide is used up. If at this time enough colour has not been removed, rinse and start again

Recipe courtesy of Naoko Furue

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